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about 2 years ago

Welcome to SITA Hackathon 2021

Hi everyone

Thank you for joining the SITA Hackathon 2021!

We're very excited to welcome you all on Friday afternoon with a welcome session. Before that though, we just wanted to let you know of a few key messages. 

  • Please make sure you're signed up to our Slack Workspace. The link is on the Devpost registration page. You can also sign up via this LINK. Slack is where ALL of our communications will take place so it's important you have access to it.
  • Access to the APIs will be provided to you tomorrow via the #apis channel on Slack. This will include the URL to the APIs website as well as a password for you to access it. All information in regards to the APIs as well as test keys and sample data would be available.
  • If you have not yet formed a team, you can do so via our Slack channel #find-teammates. Drop your introduction in there and connect with others. Additionally, our Devpost page also has a section for 'Participants' where you can filter to see which participants are still "looking for teammates".
  • Our welcome/introduction session tomorrow will explain more about the Hackathon and the schedule. Since it will be the introductory session, it is ESSENTIAL that you attend the session. We will be adding the link to the session in the morning on Slack. The session will take place via Teams and is due to take place on Friday, 12 March 3-4pm GST (Gulf Standard Time). 
  • We will have DAILY workshops that are centered around startups, technology as well as the aviation industry. The workshops are optional but we highly recommend you attend them as they would be a great learning experience for all of you.
  • Similarly, we also have some amazing and highly accomplished mentors with us. Mentor sessions will take place via Slack. Mentors will be available for a 1 hour slot for ALL PARTICIPANTS. Please do take advantage of this opportunity and ask them any questions you may need help with. 
  • We have also added a #resources channel on Slack and provided you with some great papers to give you valuable insights about the aviation industry.

For now, that is all.

We will make sure to cover all your questions tomorrow during the introductory session. However, if you still have any questions about the hackathon, please do post them on the #help channel on our Slack workspace or by replying to this message at 


Warm regards

The SITA Hackathon Team