Hackathon Workshops Schedule:

      1. Introduction to SITA OPEN APIs – Saturday, 13 March at 3-4pm GST (GMT+4): API Workshop Recording
      2. Ideation for an Aviation/Travel Startup – Sunday, 14 March at 3-4pm GST (GMT+4): Ideation Workshop Recording
      3. Business Model Canvas – Monday, 15 March at 3-4pm GST (GMT+4): BMC Workshop Recording
      4. Airline Partnerships & Business Models – Tuesday, 16 March at 2-3.30pm GST (GMT+4) - Airline Strategies and BM Workshop Recording
      5. Introduction to UX/UI – Tuesday,16 March at 4-5.30pm GST (GMT+4): UX/UI Workshop Recording
      6. Impact of COVID-19 and Restarting the Aviation Industry – Wednesday, 17 March at 1-2pm GST (GMT+4): Recording not available
      7. ‘How to Pitch’ Workshop – Thursday, 18 March at 1-2.30pm GST (GMT+4): Pitching Workshop Recording
        Note: this will be an interactive session with a 30-40 minute workshop and then one-on-one sessions for feedback.
      8. Aviation Retail Workshop – Thursday, 18 March at 4-5pm GST (GMT+4): Aviation Retail Workshop Recording