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From 12-21 March 2021, join us on a 10 day API focused hackathon to help transform the air travel industry! For this Hackathon, participants will form teams and work on creating prototypes that fall in one of the below categories:

  • Passenger Experience – with changing priorities of air travel passengers, the industry constantly needs to introduce new solutions and services that will improve the passenger experience and make them feel more at ease while flying.
  • Cargo & Baggage - COVID has sped up the adoption of digital technologies in cargo and baggage by several years. What out of the box solutions can we further create to boost the digitalization efforts in these areas? Potential areas could be vaccine logistics, sustainability, cost reduction and tracing.
  • Airport of the Future – with the ever-changing transportation realm and with airports offering an array of services and retail options, we’re excited to see what participants envision will stay or become a part of the future traveler’s journey.
  • AI & Data (Open challenge) – this is an open challenge where we’d like to see participants creativity and innovation while using the APIs and data sets that are available to them.

The Hackathon will be hosted virtually and residents from across Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, Africa and Turkey are eligible to participate. Winners will receive monetary prizes, access to our APIs and support and mentorship from the SITA Team to further build and develop their products.

You can checkout the SITA OPEN API's via



The Hackathon is open to those who are interested in the aviation and technology industries and are passionate about creating new and innovation solutions within the scope of the challenges. Potential participants fit the eligibility criteria if they are:

  • Residents of Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent or Turkey
  • 18 years or older
  • Developers, designers, business experts, aviation enthusiasts or have a skillset that may prove useful for the Hackathon
  • Not an employee (or immediate family member) of SITA or any of the participating Hackathon partners



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$5,000 in prizes

1st Place

USD 2,500 cash prize
1 year access to SITA OPEN APIs
Mentorship and support from the SITA team

2nd Place

USD 1,500 cash prize
1 year access to SITA OPEN APIs
Mentorship and support from the SITA team

3rd Place

USD 1,000 cash prize
1 year access to SITA OPEN APIs
Mentorship and support from the SITA team

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


George Fenergi
VP Transformation, SITA MEIA

Veena Vakatkar

Veena Vakatkar
Business Development Manager, SITA MEIA

Dalia Elbaltaji

Dalia Elbaltaji
Accounts & Sales, SITA MEIA

Patrick Lebreton

Patrick Lebreton

David Burton

David Burton
Solutions Engineering Senior Manager, SITA MEIA

Romesh Bhoyroo

Romesh Bhoyroo
Director Strategy & Business Development, ACI Africa

Kashif Khalid

Kashif Khalid
Regional Director - Africa & Middle East, IATA

Azadeh Mia Jafari
Programmes & Hub Manager, Intelak

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity/Innovation
    Is this project unique? Is this solution a better way of solving the problem?
  • Usability/User Experience
    Is the solution easy to use? Could a user with low to no technical skills use and enjoy using it?
  • Use of SITA’s OPEN APIs and datasets
    Have you effectively used the APIs and datasets available to you?
  • Technical Implementation
    Can your project be implemented to its entirety? Does the solution function as described?
  • Usefulness & Business Case
    Is your solution practical? Is your solution a must-have for your target audience? Can you create an effective business case around it?
  • Challenge & Industry Impact
    Is your solution fulfilling at least one of the challenges? Is your solution helping solve an industry issue?

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